A new take on a self-hosted music streaming platform

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Yet another music streaming platform?

Why should I choose Coral over Plex, Jellyfin or Navidrome?

A clean user interface

Created with discovery in mind

"Which tunes did this guy remix again?"

"Did he collab with anyone?"

Coral will let you know just from reading your tags.

Screenshot of Artist page, featuring Alix Perez

Offline by default

As a user of self-hosted software, you probably want to know where your data is going. with Coral, you opt-in to integrations with third-party services, allowing you to stay in control of where your data goes.

Stay in the loop

Through optional integrations with platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, Coral can let you know what your favorite artist is up to, allowing you to keep up to date with their latest community interactions and releases.

Your collection, your rules

Have you tagged your music in a specific way? are you fed up with music players changing your metadata? Coral will cater to you.

If you're the type of person to search for record labels and catalog numbers, Coral will allow you to do so with blazing speeds.

Run as standalone or as server

Replace your existing music player with Coral in standalone mode or enable Coral's server and access your music collection from anywhere.

Easily update your collection from any device

Are you running Coral in client mode and gotten some new music?

Let Coral upload it to the server and automatically make the tunes accessible on all your devices!

Optimized for poor connections

Are you somewhere remote with a low speed, high latency connection? Don’t worry, Coral will ensure that you’ll still be able to listen your music by transcoding to AAC using the best possible encoder it can use, and pre-caching as much as it can while your connection improves.

It's extendable

Are there any features or integrations you’d like to see in Coral? Do you know C# and TypeScript? Contribute on GitHub or write a your own plugin!


Don't want to host it yourself?

Still not convinced?

Read the story of why I built Coral here